Mackeeper Really is Shit


I decided to test drive Mackeeper to see if there was anything potentially worthwhile about it.  Granted, they have one of the most aggressive and annoying marketing campaigns I’ve ever seen and they have a bit of a bad rep.  But still there are an awful lot of “expert” reviews to the contrary so I [...]

Removing White Space with Sed

Quick Tip

Diff-ing two files can be frustrating when it’s throwing variations because of white space.  Here’s a neat oneliner that will remove trailing white space from every single line in a file named “myfile”: sed -i ‘s/[ \t]*$//’ $1 filename This will strip white space in-place (note the use of the -i option).  Now sort (if [...]

Putting it into Perspective


Our fascist rulers and their lapdog media are capitalizing on the tragedy in Newtown, CT, as most of us knew they would.  To design a society based upon its lowest common denominator, is to invite slavery.  We have lost our ability as a society to think critically about the knee-jerk reactions of duplicitous legislators.  But [...]

Windows 8 Activation Problems


Windows 8 is probably the biggest piece of trash representing itself as an OS since, well, probably Windows ME.  It could well prove to be Microsoft’s “New Coke” moment. The Problem Tech blogs abound with reports of users struggling just to activate their newest, greatest “upgrade”.  Setting aside what sort of professional enterprise releases a [...]

Rcpp C++ Compilation Trick

Quick Tip

First a Brief Rant I get pretty annoyed at the plethora of bad and incomplete information provided under the guise of “tutorials” on-line.  I try and help people with their computational problems, but I don’t know everything, and so sometimes, even the Bastard needs to do a little targeted searching.  I had a user trying [...]

Making a Bootable Linux USB for Macbook


Overview This howto will show you how to create a bootable Linux USB on and for the Macbook.  Specifics used in this example include: Macbook Pro 2012 running Mountain Lion USB Thumb Drive Puppy Linux iso All steps were successfully performed directly on my Macbook. Challenges and Explanations In order to get this to work [...]