Price List

Attached is my recently updated price list for services.  If you don’t see it here, contact me to discuss. Download or open in new window: Computer Bastard Service Prices – 12/2014 Download the PDF file .

Service Philosophy

A common problem when looking for service professionals, is finding one that you can trust. Someone that will treat you fairly, and provide a quality service that is in the mutual best interest of both parties. My goal everyday is to observe the “Golden Rule”. I will: Provide you with an honest assessment of what […]

Linux Hardware Compatability

For people interested in buying a workstation, laptop or server who’d like to run Linux, you probably understand that ensuring full hardware compatibility can be a bit of a daunting task. Although Ubuntu probably offers the most diverse hardware support, some (like myself) aren’t big Ubuntu fans. For those interested in RHEL or its binary […]

Beware Vendor Disk Checkers

I serviced a HP machine that had on it’s service partition, a disk check tool (among other things). Suspecting a failing hard drive, I ran this checker on boot from the recovery partition and it passed with flying colors. Continuing to see evidence of hardware failure, I cross-checked these results with smartmontools and got a […]

AVG Anti-Virus – WTF?

I used to think AVG was a decent free scanner. However a recent foray into fixing a user’s crippled desktop has changed my mind. Although AVG wasn’t the central part of her performance problems, it was causing serious hang-ups on boot of her Windows 7 machine. Touting improved boot performance, it was anything but. Boot […]

Running MySQL on ROCKS Cluster

The ROCKS Cluster uses MySQL for internal bookkeeping of the cluster configuration. But what happens if you want to run MySQL as part of a user-based application? Can this be done without tampering with or otherwise corrupting the ROCKS databases? Yes it can. ROCKS runs a MySQL binary (the foundation) generally found here (under the […]

Researchers Find Sequences from Contaminants Within Genomes Housed in Public Databases

Not to be outdone by other massive publicly funded boondoggles, the 1000 Genomes project joins the Federal panoply of corrupt and not-to-be-trusted databases. Read the article here (requires free registration): And the original paper here (open viewing):  

The GLIBC Compilation Error

I’ve noticed that several people who compile their own code often times run into a runtime error that looks something like the following: /usr/lib64/ version ‘GLIBCXX_3.4.15′ not found (required by …..) Note that ‘GLIBCXX_3.4.15′ is part of the “″ library in this case.  “″ in turn, is part of the version of GNU GCC that […]