Price List

Attached is my recently updated price list for services.  If you don’t see it here, contact me to discuss. Download or open in new window: Computer Bastard Service Prices – 12/2014 Download the PDF file .

Contact Information

A couple of people have said they tried to contact me via email and I did not respond. Know that I always respond promptly to email (unless I don’t receive it for some reason). To clarify, here are two email addresses which are verified to work: You can also call or text me […]

On Vendor Bloatware and Superfish

I’ve noticed that the bloatware installed by vendors on new computers (primarily windows machines) goes well beyond additional sales opportunities or application “fluff”. Increasingly, these vendor installed applications are slowing down user’s systems, and often times replicate functionality already provided ably by the operating system. Recently, a user brought me her slow Sony laptop that […]

Java GC is NOT “over-utilization”

The Java VM has a built-in “garbage collection” (GC) feature that clears and compacts the Java memory space (heap). This prevents out of memory (OOM) conditions, and improves application performance. I’ve noted that the admins at the high-performance computing (HPC) center at my place of regular employment, INSIST on classifying the brief spawning of GC […]

Free SSL Certs – Coming Soon

Let’s Encrypt is an open source, publicly funded project designed to offer free third-party certification to anyone that owns a domain name. The service is slated to launch in the Summer 2015, and is currently seeking financial and technical support from the community. If you’ve ever setup a web server with https, you know that […]

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday with their family and friends. Here’s a quick holiday tip with some alternate gift ideas you can (and should) give year round: People don’t really need another sweater, Santa mug, or box of chocolates nearly as much as they do your kindness and understanding. Cling tenaciously to your […]

Remote mysqldump

For a quick and easy dump from a remote database to local machine, you can use the following: mysqldump -h myhost -u myuser -p mydatabase > mydbCopy.mysql That’s it. When prompted, enter your password. If you expect the dump to take awhile and you’d like to logout, start your dump inside a “screen” session on […]

Service Philosophy

A common problem when looking for service professionals, is finding one that you can trust. Someone that will treat you fairly, and provide a quality service that is in the mutual best interest of both parties. My goal everyday is to observe the “Golden Rule”. I will: Provide you with an honest assessment of what […]